8 things to focus on in 2021…before it’s too late!

Here are 8 things you should be working on this year 2021,it’s that important!   1 Decide how you want to feel every morning! It’s up to you. 2 Work on your mind and body daily! Your life is in your hands. 3 Set goals that are specific and change your approach along the year. […]

Canada’s population growth is concentrated to just three cities

The lion’s share of Canadian population growth last year was just in three markets: Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Recent data from Statistics Canada showed that the total urban population increase nationwide was 463,424. Toronto had the largest urban increase with 127,575 new residents in 2019. This pushed the city’s total population up to 6,471,850. On […]


In a city full of condos, you may be surprised to know that there are only a handful of Toronto condos that allow short-term rentals. Albeit, there are many condo owners and renters that choose to ignore the short-term rental policy their condo building may have in place, but that’s a conversation for another day. […]

8 screws every cottager should have in their workshop

Trying to figure out which screws are right for the project you’re working on? Don’t get caught up in all the choices, we’ll break it down for you. Here are 8 common screw types you might encounter, when to use them, and how to put them to work. Wood screws Usually have coarse threads, which […]

You’re doing a bad job on housing affordability BC tells government

Housing affordability is the most important issue in British Columbia, beating healthcare, energy & pipelines, and the economy. A report from Insights West shows that BC residents are three times more likely to cite housing affordability as the hot issue (36%) than healthcare (11%) while the economy is the top concern of just 7%. The […]