Below we have detailed ordering status certificates from our firm. To see the full benefits of ordering online with CONDUIT click here.
Order Online
Visit where you can search 24/7 for the property by corporation number or address.
If this is you first time using Conduit, setup your user id and password. Please ensure that you record this information for future use, it will be required to access your certificate once completed.
Fill in required forms online and pay online $128.25 using credit card
The price of $128.25 includes $100.00 for the status certificate and $28.25 is charged by the web service provider as a convenience fee
Once we have received and processed your order, you will be notified by email that the status certificates may be downloaded as a PDF
Please check your spam or junk email, the confirmations are often filtered. You may wish to add the domain to your safe list. The status certificates are often completed and delivered electronically in two business days, however some of the more complicated certificates may take longer. You should always receive your status certificate within 10 days as per the Condominium Act, 1998.
Save the PDF to your computer, email to agent, lawyer and owner
You may either download or print the status certificate, depending on your requirements. We encourage you to utilize the electronic copies and only print if you absolutely need to. Please check with the solicitors and mortgagees requiring the status certificate to see if they will accept an electronic copy. Note that, including the attachments, the number of pages can exceed 100.