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map of every single GO Transit line ever proposed

Toronto’s regional transit network could have looked much different in an alternate timeline, and one high school student from Hamilton has visualized how the GO Transit system may have looked in a reality where every single proposal played out as first envisioned. William (who prefers to be identified by first name only), a 16-year-old student […]

Canada Interest Rate

The Bank of Canada raised the target for its overnight rate by 50bps to 3.75% in its October 2022 meeting, below broad expectations that pointed to a more aggressive 75bps increase. Still, it marked the sixth consecutive rate hike, adding to the 350bps in interest rate increases in the current tightening path and pushing borrowing […]

Hamilton offers forgivable loans for secondary apartment renos

The city hopes to coax affordable secondary units into Hamilton’s housing market through a forgivable loan pilot program. The $250,000 initiative offers applicants of low to moderate income up to $30,000 to build or renovate suites in single-family homes. Those secondary units — whether basement apartments or garden suites — must rent for no more […]

ICON and BIG break ground on the world’s largest 3D-printed community

Texas-based 3D technology company ICON, has broken ground on what will become the world’s largest 3D-printed community. The neighborhood located North of Austin in Georgetown, Texas will consist of 100 3D-printed homes codesigned by Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) and implemented by Lennar, a large construction company based out of Florida, was first announced in 2021. […]

Is stacked modular the future for affordable rental?

California engineer Curtis Wong is applying tech innovation to the affordable housing crisis and hoping his ideas will take hold across the U.S. The former employee of Elon Musk’s SpaceX is the founder of startup Cloud Apartments, which has a patented design for contemporary, cool-looking apartment modules and snap-together construction. The young company, based in […]

Supply chain woes dissipating CIBC’s Tal tells ACEC forum

Count economist Benjamin Tal among those who do not see a housing crash in Canada in the near future. Tal, the deputy chief economist at CIBC, also suggested during a recent speech to engineers that the world’s producers are showing signs of coming to grips with the global supply chain problem, praised the Bank of […]

How can Canada solve its housing supply problem?

The news that Canada’s most populous provinces are likely to fall well short of affordable housing targets for 2030 came as little surprise to anyone who’s been following the country’s supply crisis in recent years – but finding a solution to that shortfall appears to be no easy task. That’s partly because of the problems […]


Development approval timelines in the Greater Toronto Area

As per Altus Group their recently completed study for BILD (Building Industry and Land Development Association). They have looked at various factors that might be contributing to housing affordability and supply issues. Here in the Greater Toronto Area. One area that they looked at was development approval timelines, which I thought developers must be aware […]

August 2022 Toronto Market Watch

High Borrowing Cost Impacting GTA Real Estate Market, Bank of Canada Increases Policy Interest Rates By 0.75%, Rent Soar By Double Digits Annual Increase It is noted that the August home sales is about 34% less compared to August 2021 but the average selling price still has a slight increase of 0.9% compared last year. […]

Can students get a mortgage in Canada?

For most post-secondary students, just getting by financially while passing classes is more than enough to occupy their time, however, everyone’s circumstances are different. There may be a time when you find yourself enrolled as a student and interested in buying a home. Maybe you are a mature student who chose to go back to […]

How to Avoid Paying Unnecessary HST

The federal government announced back in May that all assignments will be subject to a 13% HST tax in Ontario. This tax has also been applied, but we used to have specific workarounds – but as of May 7th, those workarounds no longer apply. What does this mean for you? You pay HST on the […]


Bank of Canada announces another big rate hike

The Bank of Canada has increased its benchmark rate by 0.75%, marking a fifth consecutive hike in its latest effort to get surging price growth under control. The central bank’s move is its first three-quarter-basis-point jump of 2022, bringing its trendsetting policy rate to 3.25% – a full three percentage points above the rock-bottom level […]

What is the cost of living in Toronto and why is it so high?

Toronto is known for many things as Canada’s biggest and most bustling city. Some of these are positive, like its diverse culture, rich history, and fan favourite sports teams. Others, not so much, like the incredibly high cost of living that Torontonians get to enjoy. Though the title for most expensive of all is often […]

Order Status Certificate

Below we have detailed ordering status certificates from our firm. To see the full benefits of ordering online with CONDUIT click here. Order Online Visit www.statuscertificate.com where you can search 24/7 for the property by corporation number or address. If this is you first time using Conduit, setup your user id and password. Please ensure that you record […]