Looking for a pad within walking distance of Toronto’s subway system? Good call. You’ll get around the city a lot cheaper and faster than you would by taking a car—you just may have to pay a bit more for your home upfront.

Real estate brokerage and data provider Zoocasa just broke down how much it would cost to buy a place within 800 m of all 75 different subway and LRT stops in Toronto.

Using data sourced from the Toronto Real Estate Board between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018, the company mapped out the average sold prices of both houses (including detached, semi-detached and attached houses) and condos (including condo apartments and condo townhouses) by subway station.

The numbers vary quite a bit, depending on where you want to live, but each price is based exclusively on properties that are within a 10-minute walk of their respective stations.
Detached homes were found to be cheapest along the Scarborough LRT route, with average prices in the $700,000’s for all five stops on the line.

Unsurprisingly, some of the most expensive houses and condos can be found along Line 1 near St. Clair, Summerhill and Rosedale Stations.

Spadina, St. George, York Mills, St. Clair, St. Clair West, Ossington, Dupont, Dufferin and Royal York are among the other stations with high prices seen in both the condo and housing markets.

“The best deals on condos can also be found along stops in the east end, with the least expensive by Kennedy station (Lines 2 and 3) at an average of $329,530, Lawrence East LRT at $364,656, and Ellesmere LRT at $382,752,” reads Zoocasa’s report.

“However, those looking to be more central can also find deals among condos for sale in North York, with units close to Sheppard-Yonge costing an average of $596,196, and $620,525 close to North York Centre, or to the west; condos for sale in Etobicoke, such as those close to Islington Station, go for an average of $557,835.”

Here’s how the city break down in terms of most and least expensive places near TTC stations to buy:

The most affordable TTC stops for houses:

Ellesmere (Line 3): $708,489
Midland (Line 3): $716,813
Lawrence East (Line 3): $725,813
Finch West (Line 1): $741,891
McCowan (Line 3): $761,074
The most affordable TTC stops for condos:

Kennedy (Lines 2 & 3): $329,530
Lawrence East (Line 3): $364,656
Ellesmere (Line 3): $382,752 4
Victoria Park (Line 2): $388,953
McCowan (Line 3): $420,572
The least affordable TTC stops for houses:

York Mills (Line 1): $3,426,020
Museum (Line 1): $3,002,150
Summerhill (Line 1): $2,932,837
St. Clair (Line 1): $2,888,106
Sherbourne (Line 2): $2,870,130
The least affordable TTC stops for condos:

Summerhill (Line 1): $1,242,618
Rosedale (Line 1): $1,172,898 3
St. George (Lines 1 & 2): $1,141,827
St. Clair West (Line 1): $1,090,897
St. Clair (Line 1): $1,078,285

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